• January Revolution: In Spain, the so-called People's Party, Nueva Esperanza, declares itself the new government. The old left-wing government collapses and is replaced by a far-left government. (Episode 4)
    • Catalonia makes demands. (Episode 4)
    • The UN urges caution. (Episode 4)
    • America demands apology from Spain. (Episode 4)
    • The Spanish royal family flees to Monaco. (Episode 4)
    • The Peseta is reintroduced. (Episode 4)
    • Catalonia declares independence. (Episode 4)
    • Nueva Esperanza, despite being left-wing, brings a policy of repatriation; anyone without Spanish citizenship is sent home. As Viktor explains "you've got far-right, you've got far-left, eventually you meet in the middle." (Episode 4)
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